AoL at Tuned City 2018

In summer 2018 Tuned City adopted Ancient Messene as a laboratory for exploring sound’s relational affordance. The event combined concerts, installations, talks and workshops in a lively site specific format undertaking a critical approach to sonorous urbanism tested through emerging notions of aurality. After the landmarks inaugural Tuned City Berlin from 2008, Tallinn 2011 and Brussels 2013 for the first time the place was not an urban central European city, but actually the exemplary „ideal city“ in the sense of the Greek polis. The 4th edition of Tuned City in Messene was organized in the framework of the INTERFACES project with the support of the Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens (OCC) and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and hosted and co-produce the Acts of Listening project in Ancient Messene from 18th of May – 3rd June 2018.

Read the logbook of our multiple activities here in reverse chronological order.