AOL #8 – Encounters II

Franziska Windisch – Encounters II
Saturday December 9th
18:00, meeting point:  PCDV entry

A performance that experiments with translation, understanding and dialogue as active forms of listening.

Una performance que experimenta con la traducción, la comprensión y el diálogo como formas activas de escuchar.

“By listening we set ourselves into relation to one another / we spread into the peripheries and  therefore become peripherical ourselves – from inside.

Let’s consider peripherical practices, that make us aware of a zone / in which we are able to hear our voices sounding together / and perceive them in their distinctions / in which we endure and enjoy the arising dissonances / and the unpredictability of the coming moment.

A zone that inhabits but does not appropriate / that sounds and resounds but cannot be captured / a porous space , that is neither inside nor outside / like the palacio on Serrano street.”



AOL #3 – Encounters I

Franziska Windisch – Encounters I
Thursday December 7th
15:00, meeting point:  PCDV entry

A performance in public space that reflects on geography, ways of walking, listening and thinking in the form of personal encounters.

Una performance en el espacio público que reflexiona sobre geografía, formas de caminar, escuchar y pensar en forma de encuentros personales.

“Within the next 20 minutes you will walk down and climb up stairs, along a way that will be shown to you. In certain spots a person will speak to you and will ask you different questions. You are free to answer.
Every station is an encounter with an unknown outcome.”



Workshop – preparing „Encounters I“


Workshop with Franziska Windisch – preparing „Encounters I“

Thursday December 7th
meeting point: PCDV entry

An invitation for people who are interested to participate actively in the performance „Encounters I“ at the same day at 15h.
We will prepare together parts of the performance and will get an insight into the process of „Acts of Listening“

Please register by sending a mail to:

Una invitación para las personas interesadas en participar activamente en la performance “encuentros I” el mismo día 15-16h. Vamos a preparar partes de la performance juntos y obtendremos una idea del proceso de “acts of listening”

Regístrese enviando un correo a:


271117 – walking

From the citadel to the boulevard, urban history includes a wide array of theories and practices, whose aims include making crowds and individuals legible — addressable, shapeable — from above. Nevertheless, the regulation of the city, and questions of space — such as the control of public space — extend to less visible structures and relations as a variety of abstractions, codes, and law.
quote source: Friedrich Kittler - The City Is a Medium,  New Literary History 27 (4): 717–29. 1996.

Acts of Listening / Universidad de Playa Ancha

33°01’22.9″S 71°38’32.9″W

3 loudspeakers, microphone, audio recorder

The listener is the operator. Composition, then, beyond the realm of music, calls into question the distinction between worker and consumer, between doing and destroying, a fundamental division of roles in all societies in which usage is defined by a code; to compose is to take pleasure in the instruments, the tools of communication, in use-time and exchange-time as lived and no longer as stockpiled.

quote source: Jacques Attali, Noise: The Political Economy of Music, University Of Minnesota Press, 1985

171124 – walking


The sound body, however, resists the property principle. Despite attempts of the market to harness and copyright sound, the sound body refuses to be owned. It inhabits but does not appropriate. It sounds and resounds but cannot be captured. It creates nests that disperse with the wind.
Can an unmarking of the sound body — that is, a public recognition of its social ubiquity — unweave the indexical threads that tie bodies to property and property to sacred and secular divisions of the same?

Kapcham, Deborah - body in: Keywords In Sound - Durham and London: Duke University Press. 2015