AoL at Tsonami 2017

During the last 10 years our organization Tsonami has been working around the topics of sound and city with the aim of promoting the development of critical artistic processes, using the sonic imagination as a way of addressing social, acoustic, geographical and territorial complexities of Valparaiso.

The 11th edition of the festival hosted and co-produce the Acts of Listening project in Valparaiso from 21st of November – 9th December 2017.

Read the logbook of our multiple activities here in reverse chronological order.

Ruins & Beginnings: The Dom​-​ino Sessions


During Tuned City – Messene (2018), architects Christian Espinoza and René Rissland established an experimental structure based on Le Corbusier’s Dom-ino House as part of their research during the festival. The structure is comprised of the concrete framing of an unfinished house. Espinoza and Rissland generously invited people to use it as they imagined. Lanterner (Steve Bates and Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt) proposed a series of live improvisations with the other artists who have participated here including the AOL – artists Franziska Windisch, Nicolas Spencer and Florian Tuercke .