museo tsonoro – new entry

Dear Tsonami Artist,

The newly founded Museo Tsonoro is inviting you – as an expert on sound – to collaborate in the creation of the museum’s collection.

Since your arrival in Valparaíso, you have probably met some acoustic situation, noise or sound, that fascinated, surprised, attracted or repulsed you or that you consider unique or specific for Valparaíso.

We want to ask you to provide us with information about such sounds/situations. Your contribution will be manifest in form of a museum-style signage which will be mounted at the suggested location.

For this purpose we have installed an brief online form which we kindly ask you to complete:

Street name and precise description that helps us find your sound/situation. Maybe GPS- or google-coordinates.

In case you want to title the sound/situation; else write “untitled”.

If you can point out the author(s) of the sound/situation (e.g.: busdrivers, neighborhood dogs, …) if not, write “anonymus”

Please provide us with a short description about your sound/situation (500 characters max.) This will be published. In case your selected acoustic event is of an non-continuous, periodic or random nature, you can address this in the description. e.g.: “if waiting long enough, eventually the dogs in the neighborhood will start to bark”. In case your acoustic event needs triggering, please mention it in the description. e.g.: “when banging on the top of the handrail, a ringing sound emerges from the structure”

(your name)

The Museo Tsonoro team is looking forward to your contributions.