Introducing Franziska Windisch

Operating in both sound art and visual art, her work moves between the areas of performance, text, composition and installation. She develops scores for performances and actions, that often address the notion of the trace, the medium, the finite and the unknown. Creating situations in which transformatory processes become tangible or setups with unpredictable or irreversible results are essential aspects of her artistic practice.

“There is a space, that is becoming, accidently or deliberatly, that is a creation of walks, of speech, of someone who listens.”

“Sonata For 4 Cardinal Points”, conceived for one performer and four megaphones attached to trees, draws attention to a zone that is never static. The 20-minute performance paces along the thresholds of a sensitive sphere and interacts with its changing dimensions: the public.

sound excerpt: sonata for 4 Cardinal Points at Convergence, 24.04.2015